MrGarretto's One-Command Creations

Scroll down to browse through free and extremely easy to install Minecraft commands! All of the newest commands are updated to 1.10 or 1.11.
RV Campers command (1.11.2)
This command lets you create and drive your own RV camper in your world! The RV campers can drive at multiple speeds and can turn 360 degrees. CLICK HERE to download the resource pack for this command!
Present Courrier command (1.9)
Help Santa deliver the rest of the presents to all of the houses! Ride in a sleigh and drop as many presents as you can in 3 minutes.
Table Tennis command (1.8.3)
This command allows you to play table tennis (A.K.A. Ping Pong)!
Archimedes Air Ships command (1.8.3)
Build your own airship and fly around!
Minions command (1.8.3)
This command adds minions which can help you with a variety of jobs!
More Utilities command (1.8.3)
This command adds a few new items to help you get certain jobs done easier!
Thor command (1.8.3)
This command allows you to become Thor!
Spy Gear command (1.8.3)
This command adds spy boots, spy grapples, laser beams, and footprint dust!
Dark Souls items command (1.8.3)
This command adds parrying, rolling, lightning spears, and drake swords!
Rocket Ships command (1.8.3)
This command adds rocket ships, which you can ride to the moon!
Earth Bending command (1.8.3)
This command adds earth bending boots, which let you control the movements of the ground!
Pyro Items command (1.8.3)
This command adds a few new items that let you make the world a bit toastier!
Rope Ladders command (1.8.3)
This command adds a new craftable version of ladders to the game, rope ladders! They will always drop down as far as needed.
Remote Control Robots command (1.8.3)
This command adds robots and robot controllers to the game! You can watch your robot mine blocks from a distance, or see the robot's camera perspective!
Cannons command (1.8.3)
This command adds a new block to the game, cannons! They can launch 2 different tiers of cannonballs!
Conveyor Belts command (1.8.3)
This command adds conveyor belts that can carry any entity in any direction!
Superheroes command (1.8.3)
This command adds 3 new items to the game, that each give you a certain superpower!
Morphs command (1.8.3)
This command allows you to morph into any creature that you defeat!
Bear Traps command (1.8.3)
This command adds a new item to the game: bear traps! They will catch anything that goes near them, until it is unarmed!
Tesla Coils command (1.8.3)
This command adds a new block, Tesla coils! They will electrify anything that comes near it, excluding the player, and items.
Aggressive Animals command (1.8.3)
This command causes animals to become aggressive when they are hit! It also causes them to create trails, and show on a radar when they are aggressive!
Detail Enhancements & Bins command (1.8.3)
This command will add many new details to the game, such as being able to see the helmet you are wearing, and footprints wherever you walk. It also adds trash bins and gravestones! To disable visible helmets, type /gamerule ShowHelmets false!
Better Pickaxes command (1.8.3)
This command fixes the useless tiers of pickaxes, and gives certain pickaxes better features, and limits.
Advanced Weather and Temperature command (1.8.3)
This vanilla mod will make weather much more interesting! It adds a daily temperature and weather alert. Warmer and colder temperatures will cause different weather. In cold weather, you must wear a coat (leather tunic). In warm water, you must drink water every so often to stay hydrated!
Backpacks command (1.8.3)
This vanilla mod will give you a backpack to carry around, and store items in. The backpack can also display extra armor.
Gradual Player Trails command (1.8.3)
This command will automatically create trails where players walk often! Trails will at first be dirt, then as they are walked on more often, will become gravel, stone, andesite, and cobblestone! It even works for sand, changing it from sand to end stone, to gravel, to dirt!
Sneak Bridges command (1.8.3)
This command will allow you to sneak off the edge of blocks, and create a bridge under you! Just sneak to the edge of a block that is up high!
Taller player model command (1.8.3)
This command will make you one block taller than normal! It also extends your legs, to make them look taller.