Multiple Command Combiner
Boxed Version

by MrGarretto


This tool will combine many commands into one command block!
This version will compact the command length, greatly increase the speed of the initial structure creation, and will create a container for the command blocks!
Simply write in commands, choose a separator, and press 'Generate'!
For the non-box version, click here!

ClockDestroy Self
Block for top and bottom: Block for sides:
Advanced Options
Advanced Options

Import command blocks from in-game:

Have a command block creation already built in-game, and don't want to copy all of the commands 1-by-1? Use this MCEdit filter to import an in-game creation!
This creation was imported with the filter

What to separate commands by:

\n means a new command on every line


Create signs for the side of the box!
Enable Signs
Add sign
Possible Errors